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Better Nutrition in an economy Horse Feed! only $11.85! * (March 2012)

DE 1200
Protein 10
Fat 2.5
Fiber 15

We curently stock the Country Acres in the following variations:
Ask for Pricing. Prices change often Call to check all curent prices!

CA Sweet 10%
CA Sweet 12%
CA Grain 10%
CA Pellet 10%
CA Sweet 12%
CA Pellet 12%
CA Dry Mix 12%
Not in stock the 14% feeds are avaiable by special request.

Cross Roads All Stock 12% (* March 2012 price $10.15!* )

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We also stock the better Horse feeds:

Horse & Mule (no longer stocked)
Horseman's Edge 12% (sweet) (price * March 2012 $15.15 *)
Horseman's Edge 14% (Pellet) (special Order only)
Horseman's Edge 12:6 (Pellet) (6% fat) (price * March 2012 $14.35 *)
Strategy (14% High energy - High fat Pellets)
Omolene #100
Omolene #200
Omolene #300
Equine Junior
Equine Senior
Equine Adult
Horse Chow #100 (no longer stocked)(a complete feed with roughage)
Grain Land Pemium Crimped Oats

M-G feed logo
MG brand of Steam Crimped Oats
MG 10-6 Hi Performance pel
MG 12-8 Superhorse Pel
MG 14-6 Superhorse Pel

* Call for current prices, price here is not always upto date.